Friday, 27 May 2016

Take care of your nails

Take care of your nails

Keep them clean

·         Clean your nails and make sure they are dirt free.
·         Apply soap with the toothbrush and scrub them gently to your nails and skin around them.
·         In this process, you will exfoliate dead skin without applying harsh chemicals or expensive products.
Product: Hand wash, manicure kit nail polish remover.

Be gentle with them

·         Don’t be rough with your nails as they are delicate.
·         Scrubbing them so hard can cause infection.
·         Don’t use metal nail tools under nails and too much digging will cause it to separate nail from skin, leading to an irregular white arching nail tip.

Trim on a regular basis.

·         It’s important to trim your nails regularly as you take care of your hair.
·         Take time to clip them every two weeks for good response.

 Be Healthy instead of length.

·         With long nails, you can struggle with snags or breakage.
·         Keep them round edge it makes easier to manage and look neater.
·         Focus on building strength without worry

Don’t cut cuticles.

·         The cuticle has a very important It seals the area at the base of the nail.
·         So when you cut or remove the cuticle, it breaks that seal of protection, leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection.
·         The better you are at leaving cuticles alone, the more your nails will thank you.
·         gently pushing back the cuticle once a week with a wooden orange stick after getting out of the shower, then massaging them with a cuticle cream or thick, creamy lotion.

Never forget to use base coat.

·         Don’t skip using the base coat.
·         It helps the color look more saturated and opaque with just one coat.
·         Adding a coat of clear gloss between each layer to add extra shine and protection.
Product: nail color base coat

Use good product

·         Don’t use polishes containing toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking.
·         As you are very cautious with makeup and skin care products make sure you are buying good product


Give break to nails

·         Give your nails time to rest and repair with a clear gloss.
·         Going from one strong polish color to another without giving your nails a break can dry them out, turn them yellow, and over time, even weaken the structure of the nail.

Always moisturize

·         Use a mix of almond and avocado oils to keep cuticles and nails hydrated while going to sleep.
·         Or any nutrient-rich oil or moisturizer
·         you can even use a dab of lip balm.
Product: moisturizer

Uses protection

·         Use gloves when you're cleaning with harsh chemicals, gardening, or doing anything that involves soaking or dirtying your hands
·         Wear rubber, vinyl, nitrile or plastic gloves, preferably with a cotton liner.
·         Cleaning dishes in hot, soapy water sans gloves can weaken the nails,
·         In cold weather remember to wear gloves so that the cold air and wind don't dry your skin.

Considers your diet

·         Add vitamins and supplements like biotin, Vitamin E, and fish oil to your daily regimen
·         Protein-rich foods like beans, fish, and nuts.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Kundan Work

Kundan Work is an exceptionally uncommon example of decorations making which is uniquely polished in Rajasthani individuals. The valuable diamonds and semi valuable pearls are altered in gold and silver. While planning the jewellery quite skilfully smith leaves the openings for all the jewels and after that wishes a lac base the diamonds are settled at the again of composed trimming. Kundan is a neighborhood Rajasthani word for all the jewellery which structures any interface of lac and gemstones.

•  Meenakari Work is exceptionally really popular claim to fame of Rajasthani artisans in which valuable stones and semi valuable stones are adorned into the jewellery of either gold or silver and the metal is additionally enameled with brilliant colours.

•  Thewa is the celebrated internationally craft of making plans with gold on glass. Thewa pendants are famous in India as well as all as far and wide as possible because of its complex plans and brilliant colo
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

trendy fashion accessories

Add style to your persona with trendy fashion accessories

You want to come out from the crowd style can truly bail you out. Being the most recent rage around ladies, stylish fashion accessories only just add up to their overall personality. Perfect to suit each outfit, an extensive variety of design extras are accessible in the business today. 

For stylish lovers, fashion accessories are an very important part of their style. The way you match accessories just reflects your style sense. These are just the best come close to your style and fashion preferences.

Ladies love to dress in a pleasant way and accessories  can add stylish touch . If you are trying for a gathering, office or anyplace else, you can dependably try for supplementing design adornments that might simply emphasize your by and large advance. 

The vibrancy of accessories gives a finalizing touch to your clothing. With a wide show of design things accessible in the business sector, you have the opportunity to complement different accessories with their outfits. Additionally, it gives you a chance to make your own particular style that would unquestionably make you look new from others. 

As ladies of all age love to be in fashion,, various choices are accessible and different tastes and preferences. A percentage of fashion accessories incorporate studs, wristbands, pins, pendants, rings, sleeve buttons, bangles, pieces of jewelry, and so on. Accessories simply revive the basic look and transform it into a dazzling one. 

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Eye Makeup Tips

How to Apply Eye Makeup 
  Eye Makeup Tips - 9 Steps

What You Need
Concealer, Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara

1. Prep your eyes with concealer .
Concealer used to cover up under-eye circles or immediately the bluish mark just under your inner eye. To cover up dark circles, apply 3 dots of concealer below both eyes. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, after that under the pupil and the third on the outer edge. Pat, never rub with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad) until it disappears.

2. Apply eye base to your lid Eye base is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. Without properly priming your lid first, your eye shadow will expected end up a greasy line in your crease.

3. Follow with eyeliner Dark eye shadows work great as eyeliners. Wet a slanted brush, and then dip in a dark eye shadow.

4. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but only line from the middle of the eye out. Smudge the bottom line with a Q-tip or your finger. For a Smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eye shadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don't want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it's "smudge-y."

5.  Apply eye shadow.
 It's great to make use of a three-toned shadow and put up from lids to brow, allowing them to merge into each other. Begin with a light color that about to matches your lid. Brush the color crosswise the lid and up to your brow bone. Go after with a medium color crosswise your lid only. Put together on this with a darker color in the line. Merge the colors well.

6.  Brighten up your eyes with a highlighter.
This step involves only the within part of the eye. Putting a bit of your lightest eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye will brighten it significantly. Touch lightly a finger into lightest eye shadow and then push it into the inner corner of eye where the upper lid meets the bottom lid. This completely makes eyes "pop."

7.  Highlight your brow.
Take the same light eye shadow and dab it on your brow bone, concentrating on your mid-brow outside and Blend it with your finger

8. Curl lashes An eyelash curler will create even long lashes look more elegant. For added effect, you can heat up the curler under a blow-dryer for a couple seconds. check curler before applying to lashes because you could burn yourself.

9. Apply mascara. Put the stick of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. go after with another few sweeps of the stick. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Legacy Of Indian Fashion Style

A Legacy Of Indian Fashion Style

As we walk in the new millennium, let’s pamper in little bit of retrospection, moments in fashion, started by various socioeconomic movements during the 20th century. We know of the history of fashion until the end of the 19th century, it was mostly a fascinating footnote to the history of art. It has altered and evolved in the history of fashion in the 1900's.
 It's a exciting, out of the ordinary trip of the '20s and their Channel dresses to the sheer elegance of Maharani Gayatri Devi's pastel chiffon sarees, to the childlike candy colored can dresses of the '50s Americana to the dark, stylish paired down dressing of the '90.

Gayatri Devi (23 May 1919 − 29 July 2009),
Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur, was born as Princess Gayatri Devi of Cooch Behar. She was the third Maharani of Jaipur from 1939 to 1970 through her marriage to HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II.
She became an tremendously victorious politician. Gayatri Devi was also famous for her conventional gorgeousness and became fashion icon in her adulthood. She has been counted in 'The Ten Most Beautiful Women of the World' next to with actress Leela Naidu by the Vogue Magazine.

at her wedding portrait, where she is simply ornamented in a Rajasthani brocade and long, with just a hint of make-up, chandelier earrings , modest approach to bridal dress, which still manages to create a powerful visual impact.
her in western apparel; , hats and sensible pumps , jackets and trousers, and the confidence and shine of her sophisticated views, the athletic personality of her years of driving ,riding, hunting and tennis comes all the way through to show enthusiasm. A simple sari accessorized with tortoiseshell sunglasses, a glass bangle and wedding ring was all that she required to express an everlasting feeling of the graceful Indian working woman.
Over the years, the whitish pastels may have made approach for more mature teals, blues and greens; pearls may have been replaced with bolder diamond solitaires; but the lively downward pallu drape remained. And her most treasured one was a navratan necklace of ruby, emerald, and coral, sapphire, pearl, diamond, garnet, cat’s eye and yellow topaz strung on a gold chain – given to her by her Maharaja. Moreover her sense of style is real over-romanticizing to make me facilitate.

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Saturday, 13 October 2012


STREET FASHION is now changing our minds!!!!!!

Street fashion is generally related with youth culture, and is most often seen in main metropolitan centers
The main motivation for fashion we get from at the early age. The vibrant and unconventional world of street fashion opened or eyes we all are fascinated with the fashion world.

“Street fashion”, where the people dress up very differently from other. they look less affected by conventional Bollywood and cricket culture other than represent more as of Korean pop and American/Japanese music and . Most towns have at least one street area where everybody goes.
Mostly culture influences the fashion and style and it brings the variation in fashion cultural, social religion and identity makes the difference between the styles.

Today’s trendy fashion does not exist in a vacuum, nor is it part of a combined awareness. It is a multicultural, diversify. Most of us will not wear designer  clothes nor work in designer  fashion houses, so understanding street style, and how mass culture transforms fashion and is influenced by history.

By exposure of various ideas of dress, apparel, culture, style and fashion and view of the world. it will help them to understand the speculative concepts at the back fashion and style and how these meanings have shifted in the 21st century, all the way through new innovations and a multicultural marketplace.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Nail Art

Nail polish designs or Nail Art can make or nails much more gorgeous and stylish. Nail polish designs are easy to make and they don’t cost much you can make it to yourself .all you need some cool nail designs,different colors of nail polish, a nail art pen, and top coat you can also use base coat. Nail art can at times appear complicated while you just see the completed product once you see these are easy to learn. Just some tutorials will help you and you will realize that how easy it is to do it yourself. Just step by step nail art is easy to make or understand a simple design can make your nail trendy and stylish, and for most of these the only tools you require is nail polish and some creativity!!! And now you are ready for your nail art!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fashion and style

Fashion and style is all about comfort and show how we can be beautiful, trendy, fashionable, and classy at the same time.!!!!!

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